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KNXnet/IP driver for RTI XP controllers

Feature image
  • Version
  • Full 2 way feedback
  • Switch, dim, move, temperature & more
  • Supports many KNX data types
  • Smooth iPad dimmer sliders
  • Date and Time telegrams
  • No group address number limits

New version 3 KNXnet/IP tunnelling protocol driver for RTI XP controllers. FULL 2 way driver suitable for any device supporting the KNXnet/IP tunneling protocol.

Fully integrated KNX tunnelling driver for RTI XP series controllers. Allows fast efficient control of KNX devices. Built in switching, dimming, brightness and move functions, smooth sliders and multifunction buttons from multiple GUI options. Handles 2 byte traffic suitable for air conditioning control set points and fan speeds and 3 byte traffic for times and dates. Allows telegrams to be defined in ASCII format and relayed to and from the KNX bus for easy integration with system macros. Filters traffic and calls system macros when traffic patterns are met.

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