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Synoptic Control Panel

A single view of heatng system including a pool circulation system. The view allows appropriate touch control via the AMX processor and provides feedback of the system status.

Super Yacht Refit

An AMX refit of a super yacht. The older AMX remotes and panels were removed and replaced with iPad based software. The 12 AMX NetLinx controllers were reprogrammed for increased efficiency and reliability featuring redundancy fallback, so that a failed controller will always have an automatic backup. An important feature to have when in the middle of a cruise.

Custom RTI device drivers

Fully function alarm system driver written for an RTI dealer in the middle east. Specification required the driver to act as a fully functioning alarm keypad in conjunction with physical keypads.

Custom RTI driver for Imerge Xiva

Custom driver for Imerge Xiva written for dealer. The driver includes full box covers with click to play.

(<- See video for operation)

Custom AMX functional modules

A fully configurable timing mechanism for AMX. Designed and implemented to control commands, strings and states to any AMX NetLinx port device. In short the ability to time control anything.

Custom AMX GUI Components

A fully customizable, scrollable, selectable list box module for AMX that can be used stand alone or integrated into sub components such as a media device, lighting list or alarm zones etc.

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